Maria José Sevilla
A Life Dedicated to Cookery and Wines

About Me

I am the author of Delicious, A History of the Food in Spain, Life and Food in the Basque Country, Spain on a Plate, and Mediterranean Flavours, among other books. I live in London.

I have worked for many years in the field of Food and Wine. I am a cook, a writer and a broadcaster who has  been at the center of the discovery of Spanish cuisine by chefs and food writers throughout the world. 

Member of the British  Guild of Food Writers, I hold the Diploma of the Wine and Spirit Education Trust  and I am a member of the Gran Orden de los Caballeros del Vino . 

As part of my role I worked closely with the UK wine trade to flag up Spain’s emerging wine regions, indigenous grapes and dizzying diversity. I have hosted regular press trips to Spain’s lesser-known wine regions to move the Spanish wine conversation on in the UK from Sherry and Rioja. 

My passion had led me to write numerous books on food and wine and presented the popular BBC TV series on Spanish cooking, Spain on a Plate, in the ‘90s, which won a Glenfiddich award in 1992.

Spanish cuisine is a melting-pot of cultures, flavors, and ingredients: Greek and Roman; Jewish, Moorish, and Middle Eastern. 

It has been enriched by Spanish climate, geology, and spectacular topography, which have encouraged a variety of regional food traditions and “Cocinas,” such as Basque, Galician, Castilian, Andalusian, and Catalan. 

It has been shaped by the country’s complex history, as foreign occupations brought religious and cultural influences that determined what people ate and still eat.

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