The history of the ‘Mojo’ and the ‘Papas arrugadas’ (wrinkled potatoes).

Mojos history

The Canaries have been at the heart of the food exchange with the Americas since the 15th Century. In every island, recipes such as the mojos and the papas arrugadas show a distinctive character difficult to find in other parts of Spain. People travelling in the Canary Islands soon becomes familiar with words such as … Read more

Russian salad and other ‘Ensaladillas’

Russian salad recipe

Forget about  the Russian salad  you might have had more often than not  at school. The origin of a recipe known internationally as Russian Salad (Ensaladilla Rusa) is associated with a rather baroque cold dish that included game meat and mayonnaise. It appears that it was invented by Lucien Olivier, a 19th Century chef from … Read more

Real Mayonnaise, or Mahonesa and the history of the Russian salad or Ensaladilla Rusa.

Quite often the paternity or maternity of well known recipes is difficult to establish, particularly when two or more countries claim ownership. This is the case with one of the most distinguished sauces of all: a perfect emulsion made with oil, egg yolks, a little salt and lemon juice or vinegar and little else. The … Read more

Paellas and Arroces

delicious Paella

The Spanish word Arroz (rice) derives from the Arabic Ar-ruzz . It may have been known in the Iberian Peninsula before the arrival of the Arabs in 711 however this Asiatic wonder was extensively planted by Berbers first in the area of Seville and later on around Valencia and Southern Catalonia, in Mediterranean Spain.

Gazpachuelo – Sophistication itself


Now that regional Spanish food has become updated and fashionable and is often cooked by top chefs, it is worthwhile looking for good recipes, which more often than not are unknown outside their locality.  This is the case of Gazpachuelo, a classic recipe from Málaga. On our way to Gaucín, a beautiful village  up in … Read more

Buenvino Chestnut Puree Recipe

buenvino chestnut recipe

I had lunch today with Sam and Jeannie Chesterton at the magical world of Buenvino, their unique property and hotel at the heart of the Sierra de Aracena, in Western Andalusia. Buenvino has been for decades a place to write, to paint and to dream surrounded by chestnut trees and wild flowers, a place to … Read more

Orange Flan Caramel

Orange flan caramel recipe

This delicious orange flan recipe belongs to a group of desserts known as flanes de caramelo ( caramel flan) which are favoured by Spaniards everywhere. In Spain, “Flanes” are normally made with milk, sugar and eggs, but in Valencia, a land rich in citrus fruits, locals prepare an outstanding dessert in which the milk has … Read more

Canalones a la Catalana

Surprise, surprise, one of the most popular foods among young Spaniards is pasta which today is prepared, like in most countries, following best known Italian recipes. Long gone are the days in which with some exceptions in Catalonia, macarrones con tomate y chorizo or with carne picada (mincemeat), recipes well adapted to the ‘Spanish taste’ … Read more

Cuban Flan Recipe

Maria José Sevilla with one of her favourite desserts cuban flan

Flan is a French word and a classic dessert made with eggs, milk, sugar and caramel. Let see its story! Flan is a French word and a classic dessert made with eggs, milk, sugar and caramel. It is cooked  au bain marie in the oven or on top of the stove. In Spain the same … Read more