I share behind-the-scenes glimpses, additional recipes, and the stories that didn’t make it into the print. From the vibrant fields of Andalucía to the historic streets of Basque Country, join me as we explore the culinary delights that Spain has to offer. Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or simply love Spanish culture, there’s a dish, a tale, and a journey waiting for you. Let’s discover the soul of Spanish cuisine together, one page and one plate at a time.

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This is the first book in English to trace the history of the food of Spain from antiquity to the present day. 

From the use of pork fat and olive oil to the Spanish passion for eggplants and pomegranates, María José Sevilla skillfully weaves together the history of Spanish cuisine, the circumstances affecting its development and characteristics, and the country’s changing relationship to food and cookery.

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Cocina de Andalucia: Spanish recipes from the land of a thousand landscapes